MidWay/Coleco Pac-Man videogame A lot of people like to build huge MAME cabinets. Other people like to build smaller MAME cabinets. It turns out, however, that I like to push the limits for the smallest MAME cabinet imaginable. When I had the idea for Micro-MAME, I immediately knew I'd be making Nano-MAME sooner or later.

I found a pretty beat-up Pac-Man coleco game on eBay. I was looking for one that wasn't in mint condition for two reasons. First, mint-condition games sell for insane prices (I've seen one with the box and all sell for almost 200$US). Second, I wasn't about to butcher an antique just for the sake of what is pratically a "case mod" (although a very special one).

This project is currently on hold. I plan on using a Pico-ITX motherboard to be able to run MAME, but I'll wait until prices come down a bit. As of october 2007, it's still too expensive.

Update (2009-05-31): I'm using this cabinet for Colecade.

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