Don’t Panic!

I’m in the process of converting my website to WordPress, sorry if you were trying to access something. The new website should keep the same URLs so just be patient for a few days weeks months.

In fact, since the old website was made with static HTML files, everything is still working with the exception of the home page which is driven by WordPress.

I did remove the “Videogames” section because it was useless. Really, apart from myself, who cares which videogames I like?

And don’t worry about the look of the old website¬†or the one you’re seeing right now. I plan to make a completely new, responsive theme that looks even worst than before.

P.S.: Hey, you. Yes I’m talking to you “Categories: Blog” below. Go away, nobody likes you.


I may have items for sale on eBay once in a while, please check it out!